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The Oxnard Youth Baseball All-Star Experience...

What Can I Expect if My Child Makes the All-Star Team?

Your first reaction will be pride in your child when he or she makes the All-Star team at Oxnard Youth Baseball. Then you get excited and even a little bit nervous when we start playing the  teams from other youth baseball leagues. But before we get to all of that, let's talk about what being a part of the All-Star team entails.

What Does Being on the All-Star Team Cost?

The actual fees and costs will vary from year to year and the All-Star coaches and individual team business managers will let you know what the costs are shortly after the all star teams are assembled. Keep in mind the following expenses that are often forgotten about:

  • Uniform: jersey, hat, pants, socks (and maybe cleats if your child outgrows the pair he/she started with!).
  • Gas: traveling to other youth baseball leagues in the area (i.e.: Simi Valley, Santa Clarita, Camarillo, Newbury Park, etc.).
  • Meals: you'll be out of town a lot of weekends so either pack a bunch of snacks or plan to eat out.
  • Lodging: although it's rare, staying out of town overnight at an All-Star tournament isn't unheard of.

When it comes time for All-Star season, make sure you ask your coaching staff what their plans are: which tournaments they'll be joining, where they'll be, how often and what the costs will be.

NOTE: if you know a business or an individual that may want to help sponsor your All-Star team, or all of the All-Star teams at Oxnard Youth Baseball, feel free to contact them and have them get in touch with us at any time. You can also inquire with local businesses and restaurants about their fundraising opportunities to try to offset some of your team's costs.

What Will My Child Get Out of the All-Star Experience?

In general, the kids on the All-Star teams have a great time. They also make new friends - kids from other teams in the league who also made the team, and even kids from other leagues that they may play against several times in tournaments. It also allows the kids a chance to play against a higher level of baseball talent, and that almost invariably makes them better baseball players. Playing on the All-Star team also builds confidence in our Oxnard Youth Baseball kids. Knowing that they are recognized as being among the best players in their division is a huge confidence booster, and that added confidence usually transfers into other areas of their lives: school work, making friends, playing other sports, humility, sportsmanship and a lot more.

How Long is the All-Star Season?

Typically, the All-Star season goes through all of June or mid-July, depending on how well the team does.

What is the Typical All-Star Schedule?

Expect to play in local All-Star tournaments on most weekends and have 1-3 practices during the week. Tournaments sometimes start on Thursday or Friday, but they are usually Saturdays and Sundays. All-Star teams will usually have a double-header (2 games in one day) on at least one day during the tournament; sometimes on both days.

What if We're Planning a Family Vacation During All-Star Season?

We understand this is a tough time to have families commit to paying baseball for another month or two... school gets out in June and families often plan summer vacations around the kids' school schedules. At the same time, this is a great experience for the kids and its a learning experience, too. So, if your child makes the All-Star team, you will have a decision to make:

We ask that if you know that your child will not be available for the duration of the all star season, please withdraw your child's name from the eligible list so that another deserving child has a chance at the All-Star experience.

More importantly, remember that all these All-Stars are still kids - they want to have fun. If going on vacation will be better for your child and your family, don't feel like you're letting the team down. Chances are good that if your child was good enough to make an All-Star team this season, he or she will be likely to make it another season, too. Do what is best for your family and your children. At Oxnard Youth Baseball, the kids come first, and so do our families. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected] 


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